Graphic Designer for Film & TV


Hard at work in his natural habitat. (Photo by Devon Lombardi)



Josh McKevitt loves storytelling.

As the token “creative” one in a family of 3 kids, Josh grew up in the tick-filled jungles of Wisconsin, where he fell in love with movies, animation and drawing.

As a designer with more than 15 years of experience, he has worked for NBC, FOX, Sony, HULU, Paramount, Universal (and more) producing graphic and illustrative design. He recently finished a pilot at Fox for an upcoming series for ABC.

When he’s not designing to generate a more captivating story experience, you can find him folding laundry with his fiancé, rough-housing with the dog or discussing the latest Box Office film.

His goal is to sell the "story" in it's most engaging way while working alongside fellow creative innovators.